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The Region

Things to know about our region

The City of Münzenberg

The City of Münzenberg is located at the north end of the Wetterau district in the mid-Hessen region. Münzenberg and the three other districts of the city, Gambach, Ober-Hörgern and Trais-Münzenberg are home to over 5600 people.

Situated between Vogelsberg and Taunus, with easy access from the Rhein-Main region, the city is named for Castle Münzenberg built around 1160AD and known as the “Inkwell of the Wetterau” for its picturesque half-timbered homes.

The old train station is located at the north end of the city. Today it is operated by the “Railway Enthusiasts Wetterau e.V.” who run the old Butzbach-Licher Railway Line to Bad Neuheim with an historic train. In the summer, it is well worth taking an expedition to Butzbach or Bad Nauheim with one of the historic trains.

More about the historic railway Bimbel

Read more about Münzenberg here.

Going out eat in and around Münzenberg

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In Münzenberg

Other options for eating out

Castle Münzenberg

In the mid-12th century, Staufer Konrad III built the castle, now known as the “Inkwell of the Wetterau”, to secure the imperial territory with its two keeps.

Over several centuries, building continued on the castle, leading to what is, in retrospect, a rather heterogeneous architecture.

Around 1600, maintenance of the castle ended, resulting in deterioration over the years and leading to the ruins remaining today.

The castle ruins can be visited during opening hours; the tower offers a view all the way into Voglesberg and Taunus.

More about the castle ruins and its history here.


Old Synagogue Cultural House

What is known today as the “Old Synagogue Cultural House”, located in the Junkerhof, was built in 1843 to house 120 members of the Jewish community in Münzenberg. During the November pogroms of 1938, the synagogue was completely gutted; it’s thought that the tight architecture of half-timbered houses in the Junkerhof prevented the building from being burnt to the ground.

After the war, the synagogue served as an equipment building for the volunteer fire department. Thanks to the commitment of the Circle of Friends Burg and Münzenberg e.V., the synagogue was restored in 2007-2009 and now serves as a cultural center.

More about the synagogue, its history, and schedule, available here.

Motorcycle riding

Nestled between Taunus and Vogelsberg, the area around Münzenberg abounds with wonderful motorcycle routes.

Historically, the old racetrack Schottenring is the most well known amongst motorcyclists. However, the B276 between Laubach and Gedern is considered one of the most beautiful motorcycle routes in Germany. On the other side of the Wetterau region, the Taunus beckons with the Feldberg and wonderful stretches to Bad Schwalbach, through the Wispertal to the Rhine, and to Lorch.

If you’re not from here but would like to ride a tour, please let us know. As avid motorcyclists, we (the host family) would be happy to show you the most beautiful routes in the region.

More information through Tourenfahrer, and here.


With more than 1000 km of well developed bicycle trails, the Wetterau region offers excellent opportunities for bike riding. There is something for everyone: Theme bicycle tours like the German Limes bike path, or the Kelten cycle routes, or the opportunity to ride the Vulcan bike path in Vogelsberg followed by a pickup by ÖPNV.

Vogelsberg and Taunus offer beautiful and challenging routes for more athletic tours that we would be happy to help you find.

More information and routes available at:


Hiking in the Wetterau

The Wetterau is crossed by wonderful, well-developed and -signposted hiking routes.

For example, the “Kleine Schäfertour” (Little Shepherd Tour) of the Wetterauer Hutts Project and the Lutherweg both lead directly through Münzenberg. Other themed trails like the German Limes Route also pass nearby.

More at:


The Limes and the Romans

The UNESCO world cultural heritage site Limes ran a northern loop around Münzenberg to surround our little city. In addition to bike and hiking trails along the Limes, there are also observation towers and other attractions like the Roman fort, Saalburg, where you can learn a lot about the Romans and their border wall.

More at:


The Celts

The Wetterau region has been settled since the early stone age. It’s not certain if the Steinberg in Münzenberg was a Celtic cult site. However, Glauburg and the surrounding areas in the Wetterau region were definitely settled by Celtic inhabitants from 600-100 BCE. With the “Celtic World at Glauberg” the region gained an excellent museum and research center.

The Hessenpark

The open air museum Hessenpark in Neu-Anspach shows the everyday life and festival culture from the 17th century to the 1980’s. Besides wonderfully restored buildings, traditional craftsmanship is demonstrated and taught, and traditional livestock varieties are bred. It is always worth visiting the Hessenpark open air museum for its significant contribution to preserving traditional crafts and the history of Hessen.

The Mathematikum in Gießen

The visions of the Mathematikum are “Math for everyone” and “Math to touch” and they they achieve these in a unique way. The Mathematikum is one of the most exciting and interesting museums, making difficult mathematical concepts accessible and transparent through hands-on experiments. Always worth a visit!

Bad Nauheim, Steinfurth – the Rose Village and Elvis Presley

Bad Nauheim is a pearl at the edge of the Taunus region. This spa town is known for its salt springs in the Sprudelhof, the wonderful spa gardens, and several other spa facilities. The promenade in the center of the city is perfect for strolling, and many cafes provide opportunities to relax and enjoy.

While taking a walk in Bad Nauheim, don’t forget to go by Elvis Presley’s home. “The King” lived here for two years while he was stationed in Friedberg. The annual “European Elvis Festival” is held in August.

Steinfurth, the Rose Village, is a district of Bad Nauheim. This village has dedicated itself to cultivating the “Queen of Flowers” for over 150 years, when the first German rose school was founded here. Today, Steinfurth is internationally renowned for its unique variety in rose cultivation.


Various wellness opportunities are available, depending on location, in the area around Münzenberg.

In Bad Nauheim the graduation towers with their inhalatorium and the Bathing House 3 in the Sprudelhof invite relaxation.

The Justus-Liebig Spa in Nidda-Bad Salzhausen offers a sole bath and sauna gardens.

A little further away, Bad Homburg offers the Kaiser Wilhem Spa in addition to the Taunus thermal bath.


The region around Münzenberg offers extensive opportunities to golfers to pursue their hobby.

More about golfing opportunities at

Arnsburg Abbey

The former Cistercian Monastery Arnsburg is within walking distance of Münzenberg. Besides beautiful walks in the monastery forests, it is worth visiting the 900 year old ruins or viewing one of the exhibits at the Abbey.

Also not to be missed are the culinary jewels of this area, such as the Alte Klostermühle or Zum Heiligen Stein.


This is a city with different associations depending on your interests. Cinema buffs will think first of the Traumstern Cinema, a nationally renowned art house cinema. Beer enthusiasts, however, might think of the Lich brewery, which has been brewing “Licher” beer since 1854. Besides a cute downtown, Lich also provides various cultural opportunities through the cooperative künstLich e.V.


Laubach styles itself as the Gate to the Vogelsberg. In Laubach, you can visit the wonderful castle with its various events, enjoy a piece of cake at Café Göbel, or drive the beautiful road to Schotten in Vogelsberg.

Braunfels – the climatic Spa

Braunfels is situated in the Lahn-Dill circle at Wetzlar and is known for its castle, which has been the seat of the Count of Solms since the 13th century. The imposing building with its many battlements, and the city of Braunfels with its many interesting events are well worth a visit.

Frankfurt – Rhein-Main-Region and the Trade Fair

As the metropolis of the Rhein-Main region, Frankfurt am Main offers diverse museums, excellent culinary options, and varied cultural offerings. There is something for everyone here. Münzenberg is easily accessible for international visitors whose first stop is the Frankfurt Trade Fair.